The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum of Utah has, by far, been one of my favorite places in Salt Lake so far. There’s so much to see and do! It’s a great place to go for both kids and adults.dsc_1406

There are many ways to get up to museum. The easiest(of course) is to get up there by car. There is a pretty large parking lot. You could also take the Trax to the University of Utah Medical Centre, and take a shuttle up there, or just walk from the Trax station. We decided to walk, and, boy, was it tiring!dsc_1400

dsc_1375The exhibit I started at was the new Poison exhibit. It talked about different types of poison, ranging from plants to animals. A cool part of the exhibit was where it talked about poison in books and stories. I was so happy it mentioned Harry Potter(my most favorite book series ever)!dsc_1385dsc_1383

One of the most beautiful features of the museum is the terrace. From there you can see downtown Salt Lake City, with all of it’s tall building. There are also several solar panels up there. One “money shot” you can take with you camera is face the reflective glass facing the building, and you can capture yourself with the amazing view behind you.dsc_1418

 On the same floor as the terrace is the Native American exhibit. There, you can watch a video about Native American people today, as well as hear a recording. I found it really fantastic that there are Native American artifacts such as shoes, clothes, and baskets dating back one hundred years or more!

 All in all, the Natural History Museum is an amazing place for people of all ages. It’s fun. It has highly enjoyable interactive activities. You can even see scientist cleaning fossils!dsc_1393

 dsc_1386This place is great for a fun family outing on a weekend. Not only is it fun, but you’ll get a great learning experience from it. It’s one of the most interesting places to go in Salt Lake City!

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