Gilgal Gardens

 The word I would use to describe Gilgal Gardens is interesting. It is a charming little garden, tucked away between two houses.  It is located at 749 East 500 South in Salt Lake City. I originally expected something more like the Red Butte Gardens. I was confronted with something completely different. It was way smaller. No bigger than the plot of land my house is on. It was built in Thomas Child’s, the man who owned it, backyard.dsc_1925

There are 12 original sculptures, and over 70 stones with poems and scriptures. I read a few of them, and they all have really interesting and deep meanings.

The most iconic sculptures in Gilgal Gardens is the sphinx. It has Joseph Smith’s head on it. There was another really cool sculpture of rocks stacked on top of another to form an arch. Overall, I think that the sculptures were the best part of the experience.dsc_1927

dsc_1933One of my favourite pieces was on the very side of the garden. There was a round, flat stone, kind of like a table. On top of it were small flat stones stacked to look like towers. There were many of those.dsc_1930

The garden is open 7 days a week. The cool part is that there is no admission! You can experience all that coolness for free!dsc_1931

I personally didn’t enjoy this garden. I mean, the sculptures were honestly very creative. They were great works of art. But, it just wasn’t my kind of garden. I was expecting something like the Red Butte Gardens, big and open, filled with plants and lakes. This was lower than my usual standards.dsc_1938

 Overall, this was a very great learning experience and I highly recommend going and seeing what it is all about. Everyone has a different experience and I think this garden is a very interesting place to explore.


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