A Beautiful Library

  Well, today was amazing! We walked through snow. Need I say more?

No, I’m just joking. It was amazing. In a good way.

Most people who live in or near Salt Lake City have been to the library. Most people are surprised that I haven’t been there yet. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I assumed that it would be grand, as my friends have told me many times how beautiful it is. The library is open from 9AM-9PM, except on Sundays. I got there around 10:50.

Even before I walked in, I knew that this was going to be a treat. It was a stunning architectural piece of art. One long, curved wall was made entirely of 20,000 square feet of glass.dsc_1948

I didn’t spend too much time outside; it was freezing! I quickly made my way into the building, and I was shook. It was gorgeous. From one side of the building there was warm sunlight pouring in, and one the other side were the different levels of the library.dsc_1999

When in doubt, start at the top! The elevator ride was one of my favorite parts! It is completely completely glass so you can look down at the “Urban Room”(which is the main floor, and really cool, but I’ll get to that later), and face the glass wall side of the library. From the other side, it looked like a honeycomb! Two seats in little boxes in four rows. I found that really neat. That side of the library is full of chairs and desks, for people who want to come and do work in a quiet, soothing environment.

dsc_1994The top floor is where the terrace and the bees are, so I was disappointed when I saw that it was closed. I was looking forward to seeing their famous rooftop garden. After that, we went to the children’s section, below the main floor. It was adorable with the small book shelves! There was a lot of light pouring in, and because of the huge empty space about, small white pieces of fabric all above it. Not only that, but there were little rooms on one side of it. My favorite one(I forgot what it was called) was made of wood and had a small skylight, basking it in natural warmth and light.

dsc_1972The fourth, third, and second floors were pretty much the same. Although, I did enjoy walking on the bridges across the two sides on each floor. Another cool feature on the fourth floor is a glass wall on the far left side of it. If you look at it you can see a huge empty space, and across that, the library’s main 20,000 square foot glass wall. If you look down you can see the white fabric, and how it is shaped to look like a ship.

Then there was my favorite floor, the main floor, the “Urban Room”. There are two exits on either side of the room. And, again like most of the spots in this unique library, it was filled with natural light. There were different shops on one side, ranging from coffee shops, to art shops. And, the was a beautiful art piece hanging from the ceiling. Hundreds of small books with blue butterflies on them. It was surreal.


 I highly recommend everyone visiting Salt Lake, or even people who live here to go visit this amazing library! It’s really a treat for everybody, both young and old. It’s the perfect place to go and relax, buy a coffee, and pop open a book.

For more photos go to: https://jauntingthroughthewoods.wordpress.com/portfolio/slc-main-library/

For more information, visit their website: http://www.slcpl.org/


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