My Adventures of SLC

 My adventure in downtown Salt Lake City was phenomenal! Everything in downtown in so diverse and different than everything else.  In every corner, there is something new to discover.

 Our first stop was the Red Butte Gardens, which I won’t write about on this post but, you can find out about it here.

The next stop was the Utah State Capitol building, a beautiful building. It is a Neoclassical revival, Corinthian style building. The architect who designed the building was Richard K.A. Kletting. The Capitol is just simply stunning.dsc_1663

We went there for my friend’s birthday, and I’ll spare you the details( tip: balloons are not allowed in the Capitol).

The staircases leading up to the main atrium are the original ones, so watch your step: they’re a little uneven.  In the main atrium there are two huge staircases, and three levels. It has kept much of its historic look over the year.dsc_1673

In the center, there is a grand dome, reaching 165 feet above the ground. The mural on the dome depicts seagulls flying in the clouds, probably because Utah’s state bird is the Californian gull. A lower part of the dome has a cyclorama. This cyclorama has eight different scenes from Utah’s history. Hanging from the dome is a 3000 lbs. original chandelier, with the chain adding an additional 1000 lbs.. From the Atrium you can see the entrance to the House of Representatives of the West side, and the Supreme Court on the East side of the building.dsc_1619

Our third stop was Ken Sanders Rare Books, a charming little book shop on 268 S and 200 E, selling rare and vintage books, postcards, and more! Even before we walked inside,  I knew that I was really going to like it.dsc_1682

When we walked in, my first thought was that it was so cute and artsy. I also thought it look really jumbled up, but it was way more organized than I thought. There we so many different types of old books, all for really great prices.dsc_1706

My favorite part of the bookstore was the children’s section. There were cute story books from the 1940’s, 1950’s! I also really enjoyed the old post cards, and some even has faded writing on them! People sure did have beautiful handwriting back then!dsc_1694

dsc_1712Our fourth and final stop was right in front of the Salt Palace. There were many, many signs placed in front of it. They had beautiful meanings. Some that really spoke to me were “Believe Doubt,” “Before and Later,” and “Lead and Follow.” But there was something that I hadn’t noticed right away. I had found it odd that there was what looked like random stripes of red on some of the signs. But, if you took a couple of steps back, you saw they words, “You Are Here”, pointing to the bench below it. It was really a striking piece of art.

dsc_1684All in all, Salt Lake City is a truly amazing, diverse place. With cars honking, and people bustling around, it something very special. There are many things to do downtown, and there are many I still need to try. Adventuring around Salt Lake was sensational, and I’ll have to go there again to explore once more.

“To live will be an awfully big adventure.”-Peter Pan

For more photos, visit:


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