The Naked Gardens


 Walking into Red Butte Gardens in the middle of February, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had only ever been to the gardens in the spring and summer, when there are flowers flourishing under the sunlight, and bright colors everywhere. There are delightfully overpowering smells from different plants, and you just cannot decide where you want to start!dsc_1474dsc_1498 dsc_1460I braced myself for a cold, dewy trip. But I was confronted with something utterly different than I was expecting. The garden, although it had none of the leaves and the bright colors, had a stunning stark beauty to it. There were beautiful green ferns and tall, towering trees with no leaves. One of my favorite things were the arbours, covered with the bare tendrils, turning it into a beautiful, earthen cage.dsc_1513


What Makes Red Butte So Great?

 The Red Butte Gardens was rated #6 on TripAdvisor for things to do in Salt Lake City. Boasting over a hundred acres gorgeous floral displays, and the award-winning gardens, Red Butte has been a popular place for exercise, people seeking knowledge of botanical-related topics, family oriented activities, weddings, and other special occasions.

dsc_1539It’s gorgeous every time you go there, no matter what time in the year. Whether you go in the spring or summer( where you will be happy to catch the spring display of over 450,000 blooming buds), or fall and winter.

It’s open year round, and has an average of 200,000 annual visitors. Red Butte Gardens hosts a variety of educational lectures and activities for children.dsc_1515A big attraction there are the hiking trails. There are over five miles of hiking trails, and you’ll be sure to discover something new with each hike you take. Be sure to wear waterproof shoes if you’re going there in the winter; the trails can get pretty muddy!

dsc_1468Tips For Your Winter Trip

  • Be sure to check the weather before you go; nobody wants to go to the gardens in a blizzard.
  • Attire is key; shorts and a t-shirt may not be the best option. Be sure to dress warm and wear waterproof shoes.
  • Bring water. Be sure to stay hydrated, you’ll most likely be spending a couple of hours there.
  • Plan your time well. It may not take as long to get around the gardens as the summer, but plan on spending 2-4 hours there.
  • Be updated on the activities happening that day. Educational lectures and fun activities are always happening there.
  • Bring a camera. Personally, I love take pictures of the plants and trees. There are so many details to be captured, and pictures are great to look at in years to come.


For more information, be sure to check out Red Butte Garden’s website:


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